Job Advertisement- Deputy Head- Extra-murals

Your role

You will have responsibility for leading the following activities and delivery of the following key tasks:

How you will be assessed

Within the context of the duties described above, the ideal applicant will be someone who has:

  1. Demonstrated teaching competence and capacity to provide curriculum leadership leading to the achievement of quality learning outcomes for all students.
  2. Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills and the capacity to develop and sustain productive relationships within and beyond the school community.
  3. Capacity to use analytical skills to contribute to educational outcomes at the school level.
  4. Capacity to manage effectively human, financial and physical resources to deliver high quality organisational outcomes.
  5. Demonstrated support for and the capacity to develop and maintain an organisational culture based on ethical professional and personal behaviours and corporate values. (Do not write this in your application).

Please note: The final criteria will be addressed through referee checks and elaborated on at interview.  Do not write to this in your written application.

Forward Curriculum Vitae and cover letter to the Principal’s Assistant at

Closing date:  Monday 17th October 2016.