school history

The small mining town of Krugersdorp was booming and a great need for an academic institution was growing, so Krugersdorp High School was established in 1903 with a mere 9 pupils. At present the school has an enrolment of over 1 300 pupils who are proud of their history and heritage. Hundreds of past pupils have emerged as pioneers in various walks of life.

One of the core elements to being a learner at Krugersdorp High School is to find one’s strength and build on through continuous encouragement by the dedicated educators who spend endless hours cultivating and inspiring young minds in the classroom, on the sports field and stage.

A clear indication of the academic focus of Krugersdorp High School was evident as early as 1912 when the school building burnt down. Learners were placed in a new venue and teaching commenced the following day. It is clear that NOTHING stands in the way of teaching and learning at Krugersdorp High School!

The belief was that when the present school overlooking the Magaliesberg mountains was established in the 1940’s, the town would follow the school, and Krugersdorp has indeed done this.