5 Amazing Reasons Why You Matter

Sometimes you feel like you are not good enough, perhaps because of certain challenges that may make you give into self-doubt. The good news is you are not alone; we all have moments like that in our lives. If you’ve lost your self-worth and confidence, this article will help you improve your overall well-being by reminding you why you matter.

You are the only person who can be you

You matter because you are the only person who can be you. This planet has over 7 billion people and yet you are the only person who is exactly like you. Take for instance, your fingerprints; they are unique and yet you are the only one with them. Ideally, everyone faces different challenges and gain different experiences. The fact that each one of us has a different life journey means we all have different stories to tell. Believe it or not, this simple fact is incredibly crucial. Hence, for even a second, don’t allow yourself to think anything different.

You have the ability to make a stranger’s day

I know you’re wondering how this is possible. Well, you don’t need to be a superhuman to put a smile on someone’s face; all you need is little acts of random kindness. Take a look at yourself and note that you are every bit capable of making a

stranger’s day brighter. Whether it’s sheltering someone else with your umbrella on a rainy day, sharing a smile or offering up your seat to someone else, you possess the power to make a stranger’s day even if you are unable to make your own.

You can be a passionate and genuine leader

Leadership is all about influencing and inspiring others. Of course, you have to do this in a positive way, so the people you lead can achieve their own greatness. As mentioned earlier, all of us are unique, meaning we have different abilities and talents. And being a leader can be one of those abilities. If you find yourself in any leadership position, lend a helping hand, provide encouragement, and make a difference in the lives of others.

Your talent has the power to greatly inspire others

While you are busy trying to be more of someone else and less of you, remember, someone somewhere is doing the exact same thing: Wanting to be you. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, note that your talent can greatly inspire someone. The talent does not need to be an outright one like painting, playing soccer, or drawing, but know that you can inspire someone (including a total stranger) with whatever you have in hand.

You are a human being, never forget this

You are an active, living, breathing human being. That should be enough. You take up space on this earth; not useless space, but space that matters; space that can make a difference. You light up the world with your body and soul, and above all, you are ALIVE. You are alive and this only means one thing; you are yet to accomplish everything you need to.

Don’t at any second belittle yourself. You matter, not just to yourself but to others as well. You are alive for a reason and you have the power to control that. Be positive, be happy, and most importantly, be yourself, because you are important in every aspect of your own.