KHS Admissions

2022 Applications

Please note that all applications for Grade 8 learners are to be done through the Gauteng Department of Educations e-platform

The Department of Education will notify parents of the opening date of the 2023 Day Scholar Application which will be required to be done through the online platform.  The site is

Placement of applicants will be based on the following admissions criteria, ranked in the order outlined below as per the Department of Education.

1st  – Home Address closest to school within Feeder zone

2nd–  Sibling at the school

3rd – Work address within Feeder zone

4th – Home Address within 30kms

5th – Home address is Beyond 30kms of the school

Placement will be prioritised at the school closest to the parent’s HOME address.

Upper school applications are done via the school and in consultation with the Gauteng Department of Education District Office.

Please download the Application Form.

Applications for the Residence may be done now as it is a separate process that is run directly by the school. (Residence Application Form)

Click here to view our fee structure for 2022.

The following documentation will need to be submitted to the school, within 7 days of making the online application:

  1. Parent/Legal Guardian ID (Both parents – should a parent have passed away, please submit a certified copy of the death certificate.)
  2. Proof of Home/Work address
  3. Child’s birth certificate
  4. Current school report card
  5. Proof of sibling relationship where sibling option is used.

To ensure that you do not waste your time, please ensure that your documentation is certified and that you have all of the required documents with you.

Krugersdorp High School Residence:

Many well established schools are always an easy sell to a parent and child but sometimes the means of getting into the school is the obstacle. 

One of those means is geographical placement. Geographical placenta of the family is becoming more important when selecting schools. Ideally a family home close to the desired school is the first prize, a parent’s workplace is second. But what about those who don’t have the luxury of both? At Krugersdorp High School, we have that problem covered. KHS has both a Boys and Girls hostel situated on the school campus. The newly renovated hostels provide parents with the answer to the geographical problem and allow them to send their children to the KHS stress-free from transportation issues. The hostels provide learners with the opportunity to develop self-discipline, grow in independence and self-reliance and build long-lasting friendships and bonds and to ultimately be part of something unique at KHS, a KHS RES student. So when applying, consider the hostel and give your child the opportunity to develop him/herself and to leave school, a prepared young adult.