KHS Residence

KHS houses approximately 100 boys and 80 girls in the two residences which have become the “home away from home” for many of our learners.

Learners in the residences are encouraged to become involved in extra-curricular activities while maintaining top academic results. These young men and women are taught responsibility, accountability and dedication in an environment that develops a brother and sisterhood amongst the learners.

Educators in the residences offer guidance, mentorship and assistance to the learners and have a common goal of ensuring that all learners adapt to their environment.

Grade 8 – 11 learners share rooms, while Grade 12 learners have the privilege of single rooms. Homework and study sessions are supervised by staff. Academic achievers are given the privilege of studying in their own rooms. Marks are monitored each term and should learners not meet the requirements, they have to re-join communal prep.

Facilities include:

  • Games room (Boys’ Residence)
  • TV Room (both)
  • Swimming pool (Girls’ Residence)
  • Computers for residents’ use (both)