Parents’ Association

The KHS Parents’ Association (KHS PA) is a group of fun-loving, hard-working volunteer parents giving up of their time, skills and energy to add value to school functions, events and operations. The PA is the fundraising arm of KHS and all profits made are plowed back into the betterment of the school. The PA focus is one of quality support over quantity. The P.A communicate using a WhatsApp group.

The Chairwoman of the KHS PA is Heiby Warren. Contact Heiby by clicking here.

The KHS PA also Operates the onsite book and uniform store.

About Parents’ Associations

The Parent Association is the structure through which parents/guardians in a school can work together for the best possible education for their children. The Parents’ Association works with the principal, staff and the board of management to build effective partnership between home and school.

Educational research on the involvement of parents in schools shows that children achieve higher levels when parents and teachers work together. The Parents’ Association is a support for parents in the school.