When taking a step back to evaluate life, what are some things people should be looking at?

Congrats on taking the time to step back! Most people don’t set aside time for introspection and it requires discipline and effort to pull yourself out of the day-to-day.
I want to emphasize that there is no formula. It’s a deeply personal process to think about one’s journey in life, what our goals are, what makes us happy, what we want to learn, and what we want to do with the limited time we have on this planet. There also isn’t one path for each person. There are many paths that can lead to very fulfilling lives.
Since there are many paths, the more important topic becomes how to approach the journey. Understanding why we’re choosing to do something. Really know whether your motivation comes from within or from an external pressure.
It doesn’t mean we should always be happy or relaxed in life. Really meaningful moments in life can be hard and intense, but also tremendously rewarding. Curiosity has always been a big part of my life so learning has always been a recipe for happiness. These types of challenges can manifest in many different ways though, not just as academic learning. I remember going on a road trip with my Varsity roommate – Touring the country, meeting new and interesting people and embarking on the adventure of finding my first employment! All thrilling events and of my favourite memories.
My main advice would be to create inner dialogue to discuss your life and even keeping a diary to keep track of your thoughts and plans. It could be related to goals you set, it could be based around the people you want to be close with, or it could be the things you want to achieve. Then check in on what you said or wrote, and hold yourself accountable. Was it what you expected or did your goals change? It’s okay for what you want in life to change, but be honest with yourself on what you care about, and if you’re proud of how you’re spending your time. We only have one life to live and time cannot be created. It only passes.